On March 19th, our students had the chance to learn about the artwork of Jessica Stockholder, one of today's most important international artists. We visited her exhibition at the Barrié Museum in Vigo.

Jessica Stockholder (Seattle, USA, 1959), is a well known artist, whose artwoks are mainly three dimensional collages and installations.

The students enjoyed the workshop. And after learning about her artwork, they applied their newly acquired knowledge onto their own masterpieces.

The students have learned about Contemporary Art in Class; therefore, it was only beneficial to them that they were able to experience this art form outside of the classroom, as well.

Here are some photos of our "young artists" creating art pieces similar in the style of Jessica Stockholder, with the usage of common objects under color and shape concepts. Some of theme are really fantastic!!

For further information about Jessica Stockholder, please click on the following link:

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